Dr. Osmán De Jesús Argüello Sequera
  • Surgeon, Specialist in Health Informatics, Professor of Biomedical Informatics.
  • Auditor of Information Systems for Health Institutions.
  • Design and implementation of information systems for medicine and medical applications. Instructor and facilitator for the development of medical applications, especially mobile health systems.
  • Evaluator of Information Systems applied to medicine.

Venezuelan Association of Health Informatics (President), College of Medicine of the State of Zulia (Member), International Medical Informatics Association (Director and Member), Venezuelan Medical Federation (Member)

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J. Lucidio Finol, Ph.D.


Dr. Finol has enjoyed a career record of successes, professionalism and integrity in diverse areas of the semiconductor industry, particularly in communication technologies and renewable energy sources for the last 30 years. Founder of Fineau Technologies, he is dedicated to consulting activities, R&D and lecturing in IC for new technologies in the Embedded Market Space. His past experience includes positions as Microelectronics Engineer and Sr. Director of Engineering for Motorola SPS (Semiconductor) in Latin America. He holds 32 patents, including development of Bluetooth system level solutions for high-quality wireless audio.

Aldo Pardo García, Ph.D.

A full-time teacher in the Mechatronics Program at the University of Pamplona since May 1998. He has been dedicated to developing and assessesing various seed research in the areas of Electronics, Robotics and Mechatronics Motor Control. He is an Electrical Engineer (Electronic Profile). He graduated from the Belarusian Agrarian Technical University with an Automation Specialist Agriculture and Master of Science.

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Fernando Yepesc


Electronics engineer with emphasis in power electronics and image processing, is a PhD Candidate, at Universidad de Barcelona/Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Doctoral project: Finding development markers in Clinical MRI. Fernando holds Masters degrees in bioengineering, biomedical science, and medical images and systems. Mr. Yepes has worked in industry and has also been dedicated to academic research. His professional activities have taken him to different countries and his communication skills cover four languages.

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