HACE is born in response to the need to strengthen and support the necessary processes of collaboration and innovation between engineering, business education, and industry to benefit society at large in Latin America.

Business leaders all over the globe are concerned about the availability of engineering graduates with the skills necessary to be successful in today’s business environments. Besides hard technical skills, employers are increasingly looking for engineering talent with business, critical thinking, and effective communication and interpersonal skills. Academic leaders are challenged with meeting the demand for a more holistic and creative engineering profile, along with the growing need to include internationalization as a key component of education in an exploding global marketplace.

HACE’s programs facilitate the dialogue between representatives of engineering and business disciplines in academia, and industry partners in driving change to meet the needs of employers and the demands of increasingly complex and international markets

The Hemispheric American Consortium for Entrepreneurship is a community dedicated to innovation, bridging business and engineering education into exemplary partnerships with the industrial sector

Open exchange of ideas, transparency, strong leadership, and a passion for execution.

Mission Statement
The Hemispheric American Consortium for Entrepreneurship is a nonprofit networking organization with targeted discounted services for its member institutions. HACE brings together representatives of higher education in the disciplines of engineering and business, and industrial partners to share best practices in innovation. This state of the art community will strengthen entrepreneurial activities in Latin America and foster the economic growth, social advancement, and competitiveness of the region

If you would like more information on HACE or have questions about membership please email us at info@hacerr.org